When is the best time to visit the D-Day Beaches ?

Visiting the D Day Beaches

The beaches of Normandy are a beautiful sight to see. There are many historical sights, like the Normandy and American Cemetery at Omaha Beach, Pont du Hoc, and many museums along the coastline. There are a variety of great times during the year to visit the D Day Beaches. Tourists need at least a full day to see all the sights, possible two to really see and experience everything available.

Climate at the D Day Beaches

The weather in Normandy is maritime-like, it can be windy and rainy one day and then warm and sunny the next. Summers are warm and winters can range from cold to mild. In winter, it doesnt snow very often, however this weather can make walking around the area complicated if the weather is cold and icy. All seasons have rainy days, with winter being the rainiest season of all. The rain benefits the area, though, as everything is very lush and very green. Spring and Fall are both and great times to visit weather-wise. A good idea to plan a to visit the D-Day Beaches during a vacation is to check the weather every day and pick the best one for walking around outside, both on the beaches and up on the cliffs. Planning the best time to see the beaches all depends on what the visitor may enjoy, as some tourists love the sun and crowds, while others may like cooler temperatures and less people around.

Crowds at the D Day Beaches

The busiest tourist time for the D Day beaches is summer time when the schools are on a break and the tourism in France as a whole spikes up. This is especially true on D Day, June 6th, when there are many memorial ceremonies and special events planned to commemorate this historical day. Besides June 6th, the Normandy beaches very rarely get too crowded, as there are a lot of sights to see and a lot of ground to cover. The area stretches for over 50 miles of coastline.

Nearby Towns

Bayeux and Caen are the towns closest to the D Day sites. Both towns are wonderful places to stay, eat and visit. The D Day beaches are easily reachable from Paris, tourists can either drive or take a train from the city.