Normandy Tours; A Wealthy Experience

A visit to Normandy is an unforgettable experience that many over the years continue to relive. Normandy, which is one of the 18 regions in France boasts of an exciting 360-mile coastline, lively market towns with a flourishing interior of green farmland. Additionally, in Normandy, you will be presented with a persuasive reminder of World War ll via the landing beaches.

There is indeed a lot to enjoy. Be ready to experience it all in your stride as you move from one point to another. Normandy tours will present you with the opportunity of experiencing historic landmarks such as the Caen War Memorial including cities like Rouen and Bayeux to mention a few.

You have Deauville and Honfleur, which are seaside resort destinations that are popular during the summer season. For nature lovers “Suisse Normande” (“Norman Switzerland”) presents the most pleasant pastoral area to visit. It is a place for outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing plus kayaking. There is just so much do and enjoy for as many that are willing to engage in these activities.

Normandy tours is equally a chance to visit the Castle of William the Conqueror and, the town of Falaise where the castle resides. The town is the birthplace of William who once ruled England as King and, he is the direct progenitor of every English monarch ever since. This castle, in spite of its name as it is today was actually adapted for the 12th century Anglo-French monarchs of England. Recently, the castle has been beautifully restored with modern technology helping in recreating the castle’s noble past.

Mont Saint-Michel is definitely a must visit during your Normandy tours. This is because it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a spectacular sight that France presents for the entire world to see. The charming Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel sits atop an 80-meter high rocky islet with a causeway connection to mainland France. It places second to the Eiffel Tower as the most visited place in France. This ancient edifice is enclosed by more than a half-mile set of big walls and is reached by means of climbing winding streets.

Visiting Normandy will also allow military enthusiasts to experience part of World War ll (1939-1945) again. On D-Day (June 6, 1944), the much awaited invasion of Northwest Europe commenced with Allied forces landing on the Normandy coast. The Normandy tours will be a chance to visit the landing beaches for this D-Day operation (Gold Beach, Juno beach, Omaha Beach, Sword Beach and Utah Beach) including the many museums such as Airborne Museum, Utah Beach Museum (Musée du Debarquément Utah Beach), Musée du Debarquément (D-Day Museum), among others.

In fact, the Caen War Memorial is one museum that you should not miss on your Normandy tours. It provides an overview from the time of the second World War to that of the Cold War. Also, thoughtful commentary regarding peace including the future of war is offered through exhibits that are presented here.

Finally, Pegasus Bridge, a movable bridge is equally a historic landmark that is connected to the Second World War and, the D-Day invasion in Normandy. Constructed in 1934, it was renamed Pegasus in 1944, in honor of the operation of the British military that took over the bridge, which was strategic to the success of the invasion by the allied forces during this war.

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Normandy tours is an opportunity to discover the rich history of the Second World War landing beaches including the tourist attractions like the Mont Saint Michel in this beautiful region of France.